Isabella Commission On Aging
Planted on 2021-October-23

The planting was a success!

Each of nine teams planted a tree (there were a few no-shows), and some teams planted 2 or 3 trees, for a total of 18 trees planted.

Each tree weighed perhaps 200 pounds and teams/families did a great job of getting the trees into the holes at the proper depth.

Many thanks to Sue Ann Kopenmeyer at Isabella County Parks for helping to dig some of the holes and unload the heavy (200 pounds or so) trees.

Many thanks to the

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for a generous grant to purchase trees to add to Dr. Roy Burlington’s ongoing plantings at the Commission. Roy, retired from the CMU Department of Biology, has been planting trees and decorative gardens there since 2019.

We purchased the trees from two local vendors and one regional vendor:

Purchasing from multiple vendors allowed us to increase biodiversity on short notice (using what vendors had in stock). Of the 18 trees planted, there were 15 different varieties and 14 different species. Many thanks to the Alwoods (Alwood), Anna Weis (Green Scene) and Gregg Watt (Kluck) for their help and service.

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18 Trees Planted

01. Roy Burlington, retired from the CMU Department of Biology, has been planting trees and decorative gardens along the walking path since 2019.

02. Volunteers from the CMU Health Professions Residential College have been helping Roy establish and maintain these plantings.

03. For this Trees NOW planting event, Kurt and Cody from Isabella County Parks helping us dig holes (4 foot diameter, 20 inches deep). Emma is operating the tractor.

04. Emma unloading one of the trees. The root balls were about 30 inches in diameter.

05. The Robinson family planted a Hackberry

06. The Robinsons also planted a River Birch

07. Sydney Zuke, Brendan Adams, Calder Robinson and Dame Robinson planted a Silver-leaf Linden

08. CMU team planting a River Birch. This tree is first on your right as you enter the property.

09. Some of the volunteers

10. Serviceberry

11. American Beech

12. Sycamore

13. Planetree (similar to a Sycamore)

14. Bald Cypress

15. Greenspire Lindens

16. Elm

17. Honey Locust

A few remaining trees were planted by the Trees NOW staff. This is a Dawn Redwood -- one we felt sorry for because it was so pot-bound. We got it into the Earth!
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12 Planting Volunteer Teams
Team: Madlyn Morton, Anna Kakanen

Team: Lin Xia, Elyse Kady

Team: Dame Robinson, Calder Robinson

Team: Brendan Adams, Sydney Zuke

Team: Raven Rawson, Lauren Canary

Team: Sabuja Behera

Team: Dana Hayes, Sofia Messinis, Ethan Denman

Team: James Blackar Mawolo

Team: Heather Gilmore, Mikayla Krick, Alex Ghannam
Comment: We may have to be late (ie. arriving about at 10:00 instead of 9:45). (From Trees NOW: That's fine, Thank You!)
Team: Noah Dubridge

Team: Miranda Warmuskerken, Krista Leverenz

Team: David Alm, Elizabeth Alm
Comment: We'll bring 1 wheelbarrow, 1 wire cutter, 2 shovels, 1 rake, 1 pitchfork, 1 bucket

Trees Planted
14 species (See pictures)

Trees Planted: 18
Approximate DBH: 2 inches
Planters: Teams

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